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Frozen salmon

Frozen salmon


  • PrimeWaters Coho Salmon are farm-raised in the glacial waters of Chilean Patagonia – each shipment is delivered with information of the sea farm and locale the salmon was sourced.
  • Coho Salmon is bright red and known for it’s mild but distinctive flavor, this fish is seasonally available August through January. We freeze it immediately to lock in freshness.
  • PrimeWaters salmon is raised in clean sea water with vibrant currents and plenty of room to swim. Constantly moving water brings oxygen into the water that is necessary for the salmon – an active fish – to breathe and grow. That allows us to deliver great tasting salmon.
  • Each order contains 2 (approx. 2-3 lb. each) frozen, individually vacuum-sealed Coho salmon fillet sides – boneless with skin-on – may be kept frozen for up to 12 months.
  • Each 100g serving contains 1500mg Omega-3s! (*246mg EPA Fatty Acids 419mg DHA Fatty Acids per 100g)

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